DOTR Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat Visits Pitstops For LRT-1 IkotMNL 2018

It is new, it is fresh and it is exciting! LRT-1 will be having their IkotMNL activity on July 27, 2018 featuring various Manila landmarks that we need to appreciate more. This aims to make the LRT-1 riders aware that Manila has so much to offer in terms of beauty and culture.

In partnership with the Department of Transportation, Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat personally visited the destinations last July 2 where the activity will actually happen. Her visit was a first-hand experience to see the places and also to experience riding the LRT-1 trains.

She rode on the LRT Love Train going to the first stop which is at the National Museum of the Philippines in LRT-1 U.N. Avenue Station. Upon seeing the LRT Love Train, Secretary Berna expressed delight as the passengers were smiling throughout the ride brought by the beautiful designs in the LRT Train.

From U.N Avenue Station to National Museum of the Philippines, Secretary Berna tried the historical Kalesa ride to have a full IkotMNL experience.

Upon arriving at the National Museum of the Philippines, Secretary Berna was welcomed and toured by the Museum Director, Mr. Jeremy Barns. She was in awe with the different attractions that the museum offered. Most especially the replica and the bones of the largest crocodile in captivity, “Lolong”.

After the museum tour, they went straight ahead to Carriedo Station for the Binondo Church and the Binondo food walk experience. Secretary Berna knelt down at the altar for a short prayer in Binondo Church.

She also enjoyed the delicious food of Binondo like the Lumpia in New Po Heng Lumpia House in Quintin Paredes Rd and the Tofu and Empanada in Quik Snak Restaurant.

After the Binondo Tour, the team headed to Vito Cruz for the last destination at the Art Deco Tour. Secretary Berna marvelled at the different kinds of art installations at the Indie Art Scene made by some of our resident Filipino artists.

With this, it is rest assured that the IkotMNL race will be a fun and exciting event. The first leg of the race will happen on July 27 and the participants will be the media and LRMC Employees.

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