This Korean Food Stall In Makati Is Perfect For All K-drama Fans

With the strong wave of the K-drama fever in Filipinos, addiction to Korean food is tagging along. This is why more and more restaurants are introducing Korean dishes in the Philippines.

Just as social media does its trick, a new-found Korean food stall located at A. Venue Suites – the I <3 Korean Fresh Food Store, is gaining attention.

A variety of Korean dishes are sold on the street such as kimbob, bulgogi, japchae, tteokbokki, and ramen with prices starting from P50 to P300, an affordable and reasonable price.

One of their specialties is a savory and warm dish that’s quick and easy to prepare, Korean Fish Cake or odeng.

Of course, this food store still has its Filipino touch in each dish by allowing the customers to order Korean dishes alongside with a cup of rice.

Everyone can enjoy the variety of dishes by visiting I <3 Korean Fresh Food Store which opens daily from 4PM to 1AM. For customers who are planning to bring their own vehicles, the place has an open parking area. PHOTO CREDIT:

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