Discover Wonders Of Manila With LRT-1 IkotMNL Race

The usual travel around by walking and hailing whatever mode of transportation one can find in Manila can’t compete with the LRT-1 IkotMNL Amazing Race, featuring the beautiful and famous places around Manila most especially the ones near the LRT-1 Stations. The race is an exciting adventure where LRT-1 passengers get to experience and rediscover Manila in a new light. The competition will be composed of 10 teams with 4 members each, all lined up to learn that Manila has so much to offer with regards to beauty and art.

The race will start at the LRT-1 Central Station.

Through the United Nations Avenue Station, the first destination is the National Museum of the Philippines, which features Lolong, the world’s largest crocodile in captivity. Inside the National Museum of Natural History, participants are up for a versed experience about our natural past and our rich flora and fauna. The museum houses several replicas and actual taxidermied specimens of fascinating creatures, from land, air, and sea. Also featured are botanical illustrations and recreated mini-mangrove and forest, sure to interest participants. Touring around this museum means to appreciate and to be proud of the works done by our local scientists and artists.

On the opening day of the National Museum of Natural History, we were able to welcome 3,757 registered visitors! Our appreciation and thanks go out to all who patiently waited to enter the museum under today's hot summer sun. Despite the long lines most of you had to go through, we hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back when more of our exhibits are ready, and also to enjoy the many public activities that will be held at the NMNH in the coming months. Important tips we can give visitors over this weekend and in the future are: 1) Come as early as you can… the museum opens its doors to the visiting public at 10AM. 2) Avoid bringing large bags of any kind, umbrellas (hard to do when you might have to wait under the sun, we realize), selfie sticks, monopods and tripods, all of which will need to be checked in at our baggage counter, which was swamped today with its own huge lines. 3) In the afternoon, allow for up to an hour, or even more, of waiting time to enter, but remember that the last visitors will be admitted at 4:30PM, and that the museum will strictly close at 5PM. We sincerely apologize if you are still waiting outside in line when the cut-off occurs and we will try to give advance notice to waiting visitors at an appropriate time in the afternoon that it is pointless to stay in or join the line thereafter as you will not be able to admitted by 4:30PM. Please understand that the National Museum runs on a tight budget and is not able to extend its opening hours past 5PM. Thus we encourage all visitors to plan their visit carefully, and be open to returning on another day if the lines are too long for us to accommodate everyone on a certain day. Again, thanks to all our visitors who were able to experience your National Museum of Natural History today. We are excited to welcome thousands more visitors over the weekend and in the next weeks and months! #NationalMuseumPH #nmnhphoto #nmnh #nhm2018 #tagapangalagangpamana #naturalhistoryph

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Second pit-stop is set at Monumento and the challenge is to count the human sculptures on the Andres Bonifacio Monument.

Lastly, the race will feature the New Toho Food Center as it is the last destination that can be reached through the Carriedo Station. Known as the oldest restaurant in Manila, this Chinese restaurant had Jose Rizal as one of its customers. Participants would be able to get a taste of its more-than-a-century-old but freshly cooked delicacies, including the Pancit Bihon, its specialty. Participants would be able to fill themselves up, exhausted from appreciating the beautiful heritage sites around Manila.

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IkotMNL is a rare opportunity to uniquely travel around the different attractions found in the city of Manila. No other means of travel can compare when all your senses are heightened, eager to discover that some things are truly beautiful if we look at them in a new perspective.

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